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About Us
Storming into a Midwest farm community, low over the barns to attract attention, they soon were known as Barnstormers. A largely American phenomenon, they wandered from coast to coast after World War I to haul delighted passengers from rough pastures, perform at big city air shows, and when fortune beckoned, in silent movie melodramas.
At first, these gypsy fliers could keep there stomachs and fuel tanks full by merely offering rides in their Curtiss Jennys. "A penny a pound, folks, see your farm as only the eagles and angels have." Then, as the novelty wore thin, the barnstormers teamed up and developed a flying circus with a repertoir of spectacular acts.
They walked on wings and attempted increasingly reckless acrobatics in mid-air, changing planes or transferring from a speeding automobile, train, or boat. On the right is a photograph of the famous Clyde Pangborn. He is attempting a transfer from car to aircraft on San Diego's Coronado Island beach, near a vacation tent city that is now the Hotel del Coronado.

Don't worry, your flight can be as gentle as you want or more exciting than a roller decide.

The glorious history of romance and adventure in the skies continues to this very day. Fly in an open cockpit Biplane, relive the glory days!